Merry Christmas and Second Thoughts

Merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate!  Our Christmas, the first as a family of three, was magical because we got to introduce our toddler to the wonders of a decorated Christmas tree, stockings, and all of the joys of the concept of Santa Claus.  We celebrate the secular version of Christmas, without any religion thrown in.  It was a welcome addition after a year’s hiatus of just trying to have one holiday, Hanukkah, to cover the holiday bases.  This year we celebrated both Hanukkah and a secular Christmas.  Our New Years basically consists of pure exhaustion and watching the Moon Pie drop in Alabama on television.  For someone who has struggled with depression over health issues this past month, the festivities and joyous feel of the holidays is exactly what the doctor has ordered.

That brings me to the second point of the season.  I do not want to go to church.  Ever.  The idea of even stepping into a church gives me nausea and nerves like nobody’s business.  This leads me to the point that I am recommitting to Judaism like never before.  The problem wasn’t with Judaism, it was with me.  I thought that if I had to leave all of my traditions behind me then I couldn’t become a Jew.  Now, after many sleepless nights and long thinks, I think I can reconcile the fact that I can have a secular Christmas and be Jewish at the same time.  Will people frown on it?   Some may, but I don’t tell them how to celebrate their holidays.  After coming to this truce, I am considering going back to the mikveh to reaffirm my commitment to my faith and family.

The third point of the season means that I want to start taking my talents and dreams seriously.  I will be beginning the search for a Master of Fine Arts program with a concentration on writing for children and young adults.  I’ve got a million ideas to write about and now I just need the professional knowledge to develop my craft to create publishable works.  I’m excited to begin this exploration for another journey.

And, lastly, my last point of the season is that I will be renewing my energy and spirit put towards my Mary Kay business.  I didn’t make my $225 active sales consultant quota this month, so I will be going inactive until I next place my $225 order to become active again.  I am determined to host more parties and events to help my business succeed.  I am not giving up just yet.  I am giving this business venture a good year until I fold my hand.

So, that’s all I have here.  Merry, merry Christmas!

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